The only entrance to this eighteen-century abandoned mining town is through a long, low, one-lane tunnel cut through a mountain. There is an eerie feeling to this village of a place lost in time and space, nested inside the steep walls of the Sierra de Catorce. Saddled horses and brightly-painted ´56 Willy Jeeps line its rocky winding streets to take tourists along narrow trails to desolate ghost towns, ex-hacienda ruins, the famous peyote-gathering fields and the sacred mountain Cerro Quemado. The village is a pilgrimage site for both Huichol shamanists and Catholics. During Holy Week, the community´s reenactment of the Passion of Christ is theater in the streets at its best. The ruinous and worn stone buildings, cobbled and dirt streets, cast of costumed characters and the piéce de résistance-crucification on top of the hill with large outcropping of rocks and vast mountain views, easily mistaken for Palestine, provide the perfect background. Even if one is not religious this reenactment feels so authentic, so emotionally charged and precious to behold, it is hard not to be moved and feel witness to something special.

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The great variety of locations will provide you with many opportunities to find the right subject matter to fit your style. Personal attention will help improve your photography skills at any level.

And the stunning natural beauty of the landscapes will surely leave a permanent sense of awe to last a lifetime.



If you enjoy amazing cultural experiences plus awesome photographic opportunities, this is the right workshop for you. You spend each day shooting and receiving instruction and this will definitely improve your skills and leave you with lasting memories.



"An unbeatable deal: $175 for three full days of teaching.  Jo Brenzo is an excellent teacher, and I finished this class with everything I needed to know to take my photography to the next level.  Small classes equal a lot of individual attention.  Highly recommended - FIVE STARS!"

"I am a beginner.  This class gave me a good start into photography.  The class was excellent. I would definitely recommend it to others."

"I already knew a little of what we went over, but it was a good refresher.  I liked going over my photographs and getting feedback."

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"I liked that we got physical documents with notes so we don't forget what we were taught.  I also appreciated getting our photos critiqued."

"Jo is such an excellent teacher."

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"I liked the personal connection.  It was a good balance between structure and flexibility."

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Upcoming 2020 WORKSHOPS


"Jo leads a small group of enthusiastic photographers of various skills and adapts the program to their needs/wishes.   I was the "newbie" of the group, choosing to use a point and shoot camera with manual settings.   Jo worked with me privately, giving me many pieces of advice and tips on composition and camera settings."

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Chiapas 2020

Jo Brenzo and a small, intrepid group of photographers will be capturing Chiapas' waterfalls, ruins, jungle flora and fauna, old churches and small villages home to some of the most beautiful indigenous textile designs. Join her!

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"I highly recommend any workshop Jo runs, as you will experience her careful planning towards not only a satisfying photographic expedition but also a magical cultural journey."

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Argentina 2020

Join Jo Brenzo and fellow photographers of all levels in this journey through Argentina's best sights to capture: colorful neighborhoods, rustic markets, exquisite architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and Tango dancers!



"I have been on numerous so-called photo workshops during the past 15 years.  Most are just an opportunity for a photographer to collect a lot of money taking you to a photogenic place. Unlike those photographers, Jo Brenzo really tries to help you improve your photography. She will spend one-on-one time with you, both on shoots and on critiques of your work, and make suggestions that will certainly improve your technical and composition skills.

Give her a try - you will be pleased."


"Jo Brenzo

pours herself into her traveling workshops, and it shows in the number of photographers who go with her on trip after trip."


"I highly recommend any workshop Jo runs, as you will experience her careful planning towards not only a satisfying photographic expedition but also a magical cultural journey."

"The Radish Sculpture Festival was astounding - the craftsmanship, the time taken, and the creativity of the people. Hotel A+. Food A+"


"Oaxaca is a colorful palette for photographers, where a mixture of old and new Mexican culture awaits to be discovered."

"I really liked the small towns, the shooting opportunities, and the critiques."

"The town was so alive!  So many photographic opportunities, all day and night, every day.  Great hotel overlooking the city center."

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