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Photographic Gallery in San Miguel offers classes and workshops throughout Latin America
Photographic Gallery in San Miguel Mexico Saturday Meetup of Local Photographers
Jaral de Berrio, Mexico: January 18, 2019


Chiapas, Mexico: Jan 10 - 19, 2020

Discover indigenous Mayan culture. Travel by car and boat off the beaten path.  Photograph lush mountain canyons, jungle lowlands, lakes, waterfalls, the most beautiful Mayan archaeological sites, sleepy villages, and unforgettable San Cristobal. 

Argentina: October 17-29, 2020

Take in the colorful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.  Experience the rugged beauty of Patagonia. Photograph glaciers and navigate the Iceberg Canal.  Connect with tango dancers.  Wilderness to culture - do it all!

Argentina smal.JPG


Colombia: August 3 - 15, 2019

Photograph street life and colorful markets in Bogota and the flower festival in Medellin. Explore mountainous coffee-growing regions.  Capture the unique local color of Cartagena, Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Small group. No “herding.”

Colombia Photography Tour
Cuba: November 16 - 26, 2019

Ten days: Trinidad, Habana, Sancti Spiritus. Go off the beaten path. Experience the real Cuba, people-to-people. Photograph colorful markets and vibrant street scenes. Come back with breathtaking images. Small group - six photographers.  No “herding.”

Cuba Photography Tour
Oaxaca Mexico Photography Tour

Enjoy a magical holiday!  Two instructors, Jo Brenzo and Dan Burkholder.  Work with cameras and/or iPhones. Post-processing with computers and mobile devices. Experience the season’s posadas, parades and festivals in Oaxaca, including The Night of the Radishes, one of the most unique folk art festivals in the world. Photograph ruins, gorgeous churches, and artisans who make the famous painted wooden animals of Oaxaca. 

Oaxaca, Mexico: Dec 18 - 27, 2019
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